Track 4 – Specialised Core Competencies

The Specialised Core Competencies (SCC) track allows coach trainees who have mastered the Coaching Essentials and Whole Life tracks to select four areas of coaching on which to focus for his or her coaching business.

The Specialised Core Competencies track will afford an opportunity for the coach trainee to interact with the material of four coach trainers in specialised areas. It is inclusive of two coaching sessions with coach trainers from each of the four areas selected.

The Specialised Core Competencies (electives) in this track are continually developing and topic offerings may vary. The coach trainee may select any four from the following list:

  1. The Art of Servanthood in the Marketplace
  2. The Challenge of Losing Weight
  3. Building Confidence
  4. Single Parenthood
  5. Essential Components of Success
  6. Thriving Through Difficult Relationships
  7. Living Life on Purpose
  8. Marriage Coaching: Business & Coaching Models
  9. Financial Freedom
  10. Strategic Change: Your Next Big Move
  11. Developing and Managing a Top-Notch Non-Profit Organisation